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    The improved overview of the network infrastructure takes the stress off our employees, so they have more time for their fellow citizens. The product has met all our expectations.

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    Frequently asked questions

    How many devices can I manage?

    There are no limits to the number of devices you can manage. Independent of the respective license, there are no restrictions for you as a user. You can document any number of active and passive components.

    What do I get out of the maintenance package?

    First and foremost, you will benefit from all product updates, not only minor updates, but also all new Pathfinder versions. In addition, we also provide comprehensive support (by e-mail and phone) and create new device templates for your components on request.

    Are updates included?

    For single and multi-user licensing, updates are covered in the maintenance plan. The lump sum of our maintenance is 20% of the sum of all single licenses (list price without deductions) you purchased. If you decide to rent Pathfinder all updates are included.

    Do I have to pay extra for device templates?

    No, you do not have to pay extra for the device templates. All device templates required to realize your network documentation are already included. Currently our online catalog contains over 20,000 device templates available for you to download into your local Pathfinder components library. With active maintenance, new device templates are created upon your request.

    How many licenses do I need?

    Our question to you: How many employees in your company will access Pathfinder simultaneously? We license according to the concurrent-user model, i.e. the number of licenses purchased determines how many employees can work with the program simultaneously (reading or writing). Contact us, our sales team will gladly advice you on your license requirements.

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