Cable Management

Plan, document and check connections

A clear view of the physical network layer. With Pathfinder, you have cabling and passive technologies sustainably and securely under control.

Smart patching

Pathfinder supports IT and network admins especially in the area of cable management. Complex cable connections are mapped quickly and easily. With Pathfinder, you can conveniently plan tasks and connection areas in advance and check for inconsistencies. Users can also use the tool to fully document switch and distribution panel layouts.

Documentation “on the side”

As a cable management software, Pathfinder supports you effectively and quickly in all work steps that occur daily in the area of cable management. The tool enables documentation intuitively and “on the side”, i.e. alongside your actual day-to-day business.

Cable sharing with Pathfinder

Pathfinder offers the user various ways to map the used and unused wires of a network cable for any number of network connection. Cable sharing is mapped via inlets (AMP connectors), T/Y adapters, RJ21 cables, port splitters and more.

Inside the application

Pathfinder fully and accurately captures and visualizes all types, topologies and transmission techniques

Realistic mapping of the entire patch cabling

Occupancy planning and professional control cabinet visualization

Better overview of complex cabling

Comprehensive mapping of fiber optic cabling including adapter panels

Features at a glance

Cable management

  • Signal tracking across all devices/cables
  • Documentation of the primary, secondary and tertiary cabling
  • LAN, MAN, WAN and GAN documentation
  • Multiple site cable management
  • Map telephone and power lines
  • Representation of the complete physical network path with all passive intermediate distributors (panel, socket, strip, etc.)
  • All generic cable types are already included
  • Extensive print, report and export functions


  • Visual and interactive representation of the patches with freely selectable cable colors
  • Display of port states (patched, reserved, defective, free)
  • (Re-) patching via Drag&Drop
  • Plausibility checks (plugs, circle formation, etc.)
  • Export patch lists and port overviews
  • Mapping of cable sharing (e.g. AMP) and port splitters
  • Auto-naming of patches based on definable rules
  • Wizards for single and bulk patches

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