Network Visualization

A tool that bundles and displays the complete network information

Practical overviews and plans provide more clarity in the daily IT routine. With the Pathfinder Suite, you document IT networks with the aid of visual and graphical tools. Navigate faster, recognize dependencies earlier.

Network visualization

Are you looking for a visualization tool that bundles all information about your network and presents it in a practical overview or graphical layout? From the top view of a data center to an overview map of a location – with Pathfinder, users can document their IT network with the aid of visual and graphical tools, for example with CAD-drawings.

Networks and graphics

Pathfinder provides you with interactive displays of your network and a variety of display formats. Whether you use the signal path display, document point-to-point connections on room level or work with racks, the software is designed to support you in all of your daily work.

Inside the software

Fully virtualize all network layers and then optimize them even further

Use Open Street Map integration and create as many locations as you like

3D building plans generated automatically and quickly by Pathfinder

Integrate rasterized graphics and visualize all network layers. Graphically supported.

More details through informative and scalable vector graphics

Features at a glance

  • Interactive network pathways
  • Network plan engine, also for logical topology representation
  • Network and connection schematics
  • Location, floor and room planning
  • Realistic representation of the cabinet and rack layouts including all installed IT assets
  • Media library with device icons
  • Port state display
  • Visualization of rack utilization
  • Graphical representation of all physical network paths
  • Responsive graphics: Database information can be queried directly
  • Graphical navigation by clicking on design elements
  • Link database elements and designs via Drag&Drop
  • Integration of graphics files of different formats
  • No CAD skills or third-party licenses required
  • Comprehensive Print features
  • Scalable network documentation

Innovative network visualization with certified software

Software made in Germany – with this seal of approval, the BITMi honors high standards in customer satisfaction and software production. But the seal also confirms quality of service, future sustainability and compliance with current standards.

German Federal Association of IT-SMEs

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