Asset Management

Discover your entire network infrastructure

With Pathfinder, companies document and visualize their IT assets comprehensively and quickly.

Keeping track at a glance

The installation location and installation date are stored for all devices. In addition, further information such as cost center, maintenance details and documents such as measurement or inspection records can be stored. Furthermore, Pathfinder offers a complete history, i.e. an automatically maintained, non-editable log records the time of processing and the employee who carried out each change.

Document management

Object-related storage of any documents

Search functions

System-wide search functions as well as instance grid view with intelligent search and filtering options

Change history

Automatically maintained, non-editable log

Features at a glance

  • Visualization of the infrastructure: building, floors, rooms
  • Complete documentation of the active and passive network infrastructure
  • Presentation of devices with unlimited module extensions
  • Active components such as servers, storage or virtual machines
  • Port level visibility (ports, port occupancy, port status, etc.)
  • IP addresses, subnets, VLANs
  • Export of inventory information via Pathfinder-Reports

State-of-the-art network documentation with Pathfinder

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