Data Center

Documentation of the entire data center infrastructure

Document and manage all active and passive devices – comprehensively, database-driven, quickly and across manufacturers.

Manage data centers professionally

Pathfinder is a custom solution for professional data center management. With Pathfinder it is possible to realize the documentation of your entire IT infrastructure in data centers and server rooms. This applies from the largest distribution racks to the smallest installation cards. Active technology and passive cabling are fully documented, visualized and available to the user for evaluation at any time.

More than just a drawing

Unlike conventional drawing programs, Pathfinder not only visualizes the server rooms, but also enables evaluation in real time. For example, the software offers quick assistance complying with set standards. Check planning states “in real time” for inconsistencies, determine free resources and optimize existing cabling.

Drag. Drop. Done

The racks are the heart of a data center. But in practice, there is often little time for rack documentation and layout planning. Pathfinder provides a free library with more than 20,000 templates from commercially available manufacturers. Via Drag&Drop you can plan and document all control racks easily and quickly. Start visualizing your infrastructure today.

Inside the software

Comprehensive rich text search across all IT-Assets of the data center

Support for effective and sustainable change management

Realistic representation of the cabinet structure including all installed IT-Assets

Dynamic floor plans for data center operators

Features at a glance

Analysis and Planning

  • Determine capacities and utilization
  • Compliance with standards
  • Search for free height units
  • Manage movements and changes to the infrastructure
  • Manage and organize work orders (order management)
  • Asset query using SNMP

Active technology

  • Manage modular network devices (built-in cards, GBics, blades, power supplies)
  • Over 4000 detailed templates from leading manufacturers (free download)
  • Editor for individual design of active devices
  • Define services, e.g. VLANs down to port level (tag-system)

Switch cabinets

  • Plan rack layouts
  • Create detailed cabinet views using Drag&Drop
  • Use an editor to customize network devices (with ports, slots and internal interconnections)
  • Map all server components (including routers, switches, firewalls, etc.)

More functions

  • Storage of consumption values and limit values regarding power consumption (kW), weight and heat output (BTU)
  • Printable handbooks for your cabinets and racks

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