Along with the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen, the documenta in Kassel will also be using Pathfinder. In the age of digitalization, culture transcends geographical space in real time and is at the same time exposed to new influences. Digitalization offers artists and creators enormous opportunities, but it also demands major changes from the cultural sector.

The Zeppelin Museum offers the world’s largest collection on airship travel. Since 1869, innovations in technology and art have been made tangible for everyone. Due to the digital transformation, structures and processes, the Zeppelin Museum must also be redesigned and adapted.

The documenta in Kassel offers art lovers a multifaceted program and defines itself as a lively place of exchange on contemporary cultural productions. Live in the Fridericianum, international artists come together for discussions, performances, film screenings and many other events, making art an interactive experience.

The software suite Pathfinder is used in both institutions primarily for IT documentation. We are looking forward to the collaboration.