Digital Public Administration

We are excited to see IT managers rediscovering the value of network documentation. So far, four cities and municipalities in Europe have already decided on Pathfinder. They all rely on Pathfinder for the documentation of all their current and future, contemporary and flexible IT infrastructure.

Modernization of Administrative roles as well as new frameworks and conditions set by policies are compelling cities and towns to take a closer look at their own IT landscape. In addition to complying with legal requirements, municipal administrations are also looking for solutions that guarantee sufficient failure protection. Unfortunately, IT failures have a direct impact on services for citizens and can cause considerable personnel costs and economic damage.

Proper diagnosis minimizes downtime

With Pathfinder, IT managers are given the opportunity to collect, document and share knowledge centrally. Pathfinder provides an important basis for problem diagnosis, helps to minimize downtimes and ensures smooth IT operations. We welcome the city of Gütersloh, the garden city of Haan, the city of Syke and the double municipality of Petershagen/Eggersdorf to the circle of Pathfinder users and wish them good luck with all small and large projects!

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